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We don't fit in, but for us that's a strategy. 


Studio furniture makers Zelouf+Bell and their team of master craftsmen have been making museum-quality furniture to commission in their workshop in rural Ireland since 1992. Their award-winning work is in private collections, public offices, embassy residences, churches and museums, at home and abroad.

The alliance of Belfast-born Michael Bell and New Yorker Susan Zelouf may seem a collision of cultures and characters; instead, a kind of alchemy occurs, engendering extraordinary pieces grounded in practicality, a dialogue between art, history and design.

“We don't fit in, but for us, that's a strategy." Theirs is an intensely personal new modernism, a distillation of what delights and moves them, informed by that which came before.

Zelouf+Bell are represented in New York by Maison Gerard, in Dublin by Solomon Fine Art. Selected pieces may be seen in the colourful Parisian showrooms of David Hicks France. The National Museum of Ireland acquired three Zelouf+Bell pieces for the museum's permanent collection. Recent projects include the redesign of Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud (Ireland's only two-star Michelin), conference furniture for the listed building housing the Department of Enterprise and Employment, Kildare Street, Dublin, selected pieces for a Chelsea townhouse and a feature wall for the Dublin headquarters of IPUT. 

Zelouf+Bell garnered two awards at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2015: Best Decorative Accessory by IFDA (International Furnishing and Design Association) and Best Overall Craftsmanship by Adorno Magazine. Recent articles about their work appeared in Modern Magazine, Financial Times ‘How to Spend It', Mayfair Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine and The Irish Arts Review.