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A thing well made is a thing worth making. 

Studio furniture makers ZELOUF+BELL and their team of master craftsmen have been making museum quality furniture to commission in their workshop in rural Ireland since 1992. Their award-winning work is in private collections, public offices, embassies and embassy residences, Michelin-starred restaurants, churches and museums, at home and abroad. 

We ask that our clients have a reasonable lead time, a realistic budget for the kind of work we are committed to making, and the vision to commission pieces that we trust will both meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. 

In terms of price, our work is necessarily high-end. The pieces we make are functional, beautiful and extremely labour-intensive. We are a small team, working in a costly country, designing unique and limited edition pieces, working in traditional techniques using hand selected, luxurious materials.

While our design proposal is a detailed and cohesive response to the brief we’ve established with our clients, we encourage visits to our workshop to see the commission in progress when possible; we also take pictures and video-clips and send them on, to share with clients the genesis of their pieces.